Hurricane Preparedness Supply List
If sheltering in home, always prepare supplies for your home as well as supplies for evacuation.

Things to Consider:
  • Purchase enough supplies of nonperishable food and water to last 2 weeks. Learn how to prepare and store emergency water and food
  • Make a plan of who does what, when, where, and why
  • Document the contents of your home. The NAIC has an app for iPhone and Android users to assist
  • Know where your water shutuff valve is and how to turn off the electricity to your home
  • Install or test your smoke detectors
  • Fill your has tanks full in automobiles
  • Create or establish links to family and friends outside of the state
  • Know emergency arrangements for your child's school
  • Make an evacuation plan for your pets
  • Put copies of all important documents in waterproof containers
Home Supplies
  • Keep 2 weeks of cash on hand
  • Keep 2 weeks of nonperishable food
  • Store at least 2 gallons of water per person and pets per day
  • Stock up on prescription medications, first aid and personal care items (i.e. Eye Glasses, contact lens and cleaner, toothpaste and brush, etc.)
  • Fill propane tanks for grills or fuel for camp stoves
  • Find or purchase flashlights and make sure you have enough batteries
  • Make sure you have matches or lighters to light grill, stove or safety candles
  • Fill a cooler with Ice for food.
Evacuation Supplies
  • At least 2 weeks of cash
  • Important documents in waterproof container
  • Store at least 2 gallons of water per person and pets per day
  • All of your prescription medication(s), personal care items, clean clothing and a first aid kit
  • Pack pets and carriers to keep them contained
  • Cooler with ice for food
  • Battery operated radio and flashlight with extra batteries
  • Phone, Pad/Tablet, computer chargers